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My name is Al.


I practice Martial Arts (Kung Fu Tai chi, Yoga...) 

I train as action performer and screen fighter.

On this page you can:

 -Book a session to train with me in Ealing/Hanwell.

 -Shop for my favorites


This page contains affiliate links. Offering you discounts, on my daily products and services, gives me rewards and earnings. It's a Win Win x 

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My Story

Being a Shaolin student, in the Nam Pai Chuan System, since 2019, has pushed me to develop a different set of skills, like core strength, resilience, deep focus to outline some.

My background as a Dancer and Yogi had prepared me to specialize in Flexibility and Mobility.

I have the most fun practicing weapons, tumbling and tricking!

If you looking to improve your fitness level while learning new skills, get in touch!

Follow my youtube channel for more screenfight\action content ;)

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 I have officially joined the @EPNsupplements team as their newest athlete.

They have some pretty impressive products and formulas that I can't wait to share with you. My favourite is the Pre workout stack, with the famous HydraCarb, the ballistic preworkout and the hydrapump! Check it out!

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Our Services


 Private Ninja Session

(The first session 50%off)

1-2-1 or 2-2-1 Available 

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